Chipotle’s Lifestyle bowls for Keto, Paleo and Whole30 diets review

With the new year upon us, Chipotle has added a dieter-friendly category. The new “Lifestyle bowls” are aimed at popular eating plans. Those people who are into the trendy diets can now order a Paleo Salad Bowl, a Keto Salad Bowl, a Whole30 Salad Bowl and a Double Protein Bowl. The bowls were designed to contain specific ingredients that are already available at Chipotle to match the requirements of the diet. This is supposed to save customers time from having to build their own bowl. You walk up (or order online) and let them know which bowl you want and your work is done….. well you have to pay,

I stopped in and ordered all four of the bowls for my friends and I. Here’s what is included in each bowl and the cost.

  • A Whole30 Salad Bowl, made with romaine lettuce, carnitas, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, and guacamole. 500 calories. ($9.55)

  • The Paleo Salad Bowl is a mix of romaine lettuce, barbacoa, fajita veggies, green salsa, and guacamole. 455 calories. ($10.05)

  • The Keto Salad Bowl combines romaine lettuce, carnitas, red salsa, cheese, and guacamole. 580 calories. ($9.55)

  • The Double Protein Bowl is made with white rice, black beans, chicken, steak, red salsa, romaine lettuce, and sour cream. 815 calories. ($10.30)

To us, it tasted your like typical Chipotle. If you like Chipotle, you’ll enjoy these bowls. But here’s the catch, there’s nothing special about it considering Chipotle has everything already on the menu. I spent $42 and change on my stop.

Regular build your own burrito bowls which include either carnitas or barbacoa (found in the Lifestyle Bowl) cost $7.50 and $8.00. The Lifestyle bowls consisting of carnitas cost $9.55 and barbacoa is $10.05. Add in the guacamole which cost $2.05, you’re paying the exact same price. The bowls were designed to boost their mobile sales. If you’re going in, the convenience is you’re saving time from having to choose your ingredients.

My friends who are more into random diets here and there felt it was a nice idea but nothing overly special. They were hoping Chipotle was going to offer something a little different than what’s already available.

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