September 2017

Haley Guthrie

I grew up in Goliad, a small, South Texas town.  A big part of my upbringing was spent in the kitchen with my mom or grandma, Mimi; cooking, baking, learning, eating, etc.!  All things that fill my heart with happiness and memories of them to this day. I moved to College Station, Texas, in 2003 to be an Aggie, and I spent the following years working and studying to earn degrees in Economics, Accounting, and finally an MBA.  I then moved to Wichita in Fall 2013 for a corporate job. I luckily met my husband, Allen, now of 3+ years, and we since have added two wonderful sons to our family; Isaac, 2, and Thomas, 1.

I came to learn that the corporate world wasn’t for me, personally, which led me to explore other career paths.  I ultimately felt moved to create my own career in BH. Tying together my love of being in the kitchen as a young girl in Goliad, Texas, with the knowledge that I gained through higher education in business-related fields, the previous lack of awesome bagels in this city, and MANY other things which culminated together, Wichita now has BAGEL HAUS!  

An unexpected joy of operating BAGEL HAUS each day is meeting and interacting with customers.  Seeing familiar faces and chatting with new and old friends in BH and in the Drive Thru helps to brighten my workday in a big way.  I love others who LOVE bagels as much as me, and I’m super proud to prepare them for EVERYONE!! Small business ownership takes a lot… courage, dedication, time, patience, family support, and very, very, very hard work.  I try hard to convey to each customer that their business means everything to BAGEL HAUS and to ME! Because it truly does.

BAGEL HAUS is a locally owned & locally operated business.  The concept began in the home kitchen of owner, Haley Guthrie, in early 2015.  As the bagels got better, they became a staple at the 21st & Ridge Farmers’ Market.  Three seasons of Farmers’ Market appearances later, and BAGEL HAUS opened at 13th & Tyler in September of 2017.  Starting from scratch, we take no shortcuts in preparing bagels fresh, the old-fashioned way.  We proudly hand-roll, boil & bake each and every bagel served for a chewy, dense, bagel-ly bite.  Sliced, toasted & schmeared — you’ll love our 100+ flavor combinations!  And the perfect complement to your bagel comes from our full espresso bar.   Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos & SO MUCH MORE! 

Wichita needed bagels!!!  I realized there wasn’t a “real” bagel option in Wichita shortly after moving here in 2013.  That was a shock and a real bummer in my eyes. Bagels are AWESOME and I couldn’t find them anywhere!!  That’s what led me to begin experimenting in my home kitchen. That led to my venture into the Farmers’ Market scene, which, in turn, led me to hanging a shingle for BAGEL HAUS.


Rise & Shine Bagel Sandwich is the #1 seller – Bacon, Egg, Cheddar Cheese & Plain Schmear (our term for cream cheese) served on your choice of bagel.  And, uniquely, there’s Lox on the menu – a traditional and pungent bagel sandwich of Cured Salmon, Capers, Red Onion & Plain Schmear.

13th & Tyler
Monday thru Saturday, 6AM-1PM
Dine In, Drive Thru, Carry Out

8641 W 13th St N. #100
Wichita, KS 67212


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