Good Humor Reese’s Bar Review

I was invited to a watch party over the weekend. It was my job to bring some treats. Since there would be kids at the party, I figured why not crank out a product review? While browsing for something that looked delicious, I came across the Good Humor Reese’s Bar at Target. I love Reese’s eggs, Reese’s Christmas trees, Reese’s peanut butter cups so this was right up my alley.

This frozen peanut butter dessert bar is a re-release of a product that was available last year. They are made with peanut butter ice cream blended with peanut butter sauce, and the whole bar is covered in Good Humor’s crunchy chocolate cake coating.

A box of six cost $3.49 at Target which wasn’t a bad price compared to other novelty branded items.

I passed them around the party and watched the reactions. The kids who were eight and younger all loved them because let’s be real, what normal child would hate anything Reese’s? For starters, it’s a messy eat. The chocolate/peanut butter crumbly coating does fall off easily. Everyone who tried it loved it.

One person said, “Well it taste like it’s supposed to taste.”

I, for one, wasn’t sure it really tasted like a Reese’s but that didn’t deter me from scarfing down the entire thing. They taste great and were big crowd pleasers.  Ice cream spin-offs for popular candies are so hard to mimic and Good Humor did an admirable job on a long time classic.

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