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When I look at feedback on what the most requested review should be, Kelly’s Family Diner has been in the top five over the past few months. So over the latter part of 2018, I actually stopped in a few times to get a good perspective of the restaurant that sits in the middle of south Broadway where breakfast is served all day long. It’s not a place you’ll see reviewed by the media or big pro Wichita groups so why not let your local grassroots blog do it?

2131 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67211

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 3pm
Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 7am – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Kelly’s Family Diner resides in the former Mike’s Steak House. The owners made it their goal to try to clean up the place to make it feel inviting. When they first opened in 2017, they said their biggest barrier was getting customers to come in due to the location. It’s an issue that still faces them over a year later. Let’s be honest for a second, it’s not the nicest area of town. But when it comes to restaurants, I’m not one to shy away because of that. One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, Thao’s Bistro, is just down the street. I spent the early part of my life living in the neighborhood of Plainview so the part of town certainly doesn’t detract me. Kelly’s isn’t the fanciest and most glamorous place you’ll step into but what they do offer is good homemade food at an affordable price.

My visits spanned a few stops between July and December. Over that time, we tried all the breakfast staples. We did the waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, french toast, you name it. Kelly’s Family Diner keeps the menu simple. While they don’t aren’t overly creative with their items, they keep it basic but also execute it properly. The food was all cooked to perfection. The pancakes and waffles are both generous in size and light and fluffy. The eggs were always cooked as ordered. The biggest complaint on the three visits was the coffee but I’m no coffee expert so I cannot attest to that.

What I can attest to was the food was great.

I could tell on every visit, the staff was very appreciative of the customers coming in.

Breakfast is always a hot topic of debate on what the best is in town. It’s rare you’ll see Kelly’s Family Diner in the discussion but I recommend you give this a try when trying to make a fully informed opinion.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Family Diner Review”

  1. I love Kelly’s. The portions are generous, the food is terrific as is the service and prices! Try it and you’ll go back! ?

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