The importance of posting food pictures for restaurants and food trucks

When I find a restaurant or food truck I really love, I don’t want to see them fail. That has led me to do some consulting to help businesses. One of the biggest keys I stick with is social media content. Facebook and Instagram are such free and powerful methods to get your message out there. The effort it takes to take pictures of your food to share with your followers is so minimal, free to do and could bring in that next customer.

Seeing a picture is what led me to my next review. Friday night, I saw Manny’s Tacos Xclusivos on Facebook post a picture of a taco being dipped in some sort of broth. It looked incredibly delicious. What did I do? I hopped in my car in the 30 degree rainy temperature to their food truck, made an order, waited in the cold and took my food home. The few seconds it took some food truck I’ve never been to and wasn’t really familiar with to post a delicious picture on social media earned them a customer. If that customer loved it, then they would tell all of their friends also known as word of mouth. Unbeknownst to them, that one random customer happened to be a food blogger. Let’s check them out……..



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The menu included tacos, burritos, tortas and sincronizada. I went for one thing and that was whatever was posted on their Facebook page that I wanted to recreate.

I was told it was a taco being dipped in the broth of birria soup. I love that soup and I love tacos so I said let’s give that a go. For a dollar I was given a little cup of the broth and went with some pastor, birria and parrillada tacos. Their parrillada tacos included pastor, chorizo and bacon…..aka meat heaven. I was also given three different salsas all made in house. .

That evening they were located near Pawnee and K-15 so it was quite the drive for me. When I arrived home, the tacos held up fairly well given the time and the tacos only being single tortillas. I was surprised the tacos stayed in tact. The salsas were all amazing, the orange colored salsa was my favorite. It was the perfect combination of flavor and heat in one.

I poured the broth into a little bowl and began dipping my tacos into it. Wow. It added a nice rich flavor to the tacos that really enhanced everything. It was ridiculously good. For $2, the tacos were bigger than your standard street tacos and well portioned. The meal was a great value all around including the dollar cup of broth I ended up chugging down once my tacos were gone.

I loved the entire experience at Manny’s Tacos Xclusivos minus the weather. This would have never happened had I not saw a picture they posted similar to what you can see above. The two guys working the truck were incredibly nice which gave me more of a reason to return. Can’t wait to make it back.

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