Trying my hand at some pig snout and ear tacos

Let’s start things off by saying I LOVE TAQUERIA EL FOGON. They have some of the best al pastor tacos in Wichita.

Now with that out of the way, things are about to get a little dicey. They recently changed up their menu and added two new meats.

  • Trompa (aka Pork Trunk or Snout)
  • Oreja (Pork Ears)

I’m not one to shy away from odd food so I swung by Taqueria El Fogon’s north Arkansas location to give it a try. Their Bluffview location told me the new meats won’t arrive for another week.

The tacos are $1.75 each. I ordered two trompa and two oreja tacos. I hope I got the pictures right; I just went by what the server told me and he sounded a little hesitant at which was which.

Let’s start with the trompa tacos. It was pretty fatty and slimy in texture. If you’re bothered by texture, I can almost guarantee you will not like it. You could almost get the cartilage feel to it; many parts were very tender, squishy, and almost snot-like. I finished both tacos and thought to myself, “That’s probably the last time I’ll be eating trompa tacos.

After finishing them, I googled pig snout and saw this. Yummy!

Next up were the oreja tacos. aka pig ears. By comparison, these were much better. The texture was a mix bag of chewy cartilage, crunchy (what I thought to be) outer layer of the ear, and some fatty pieces of meat. It was a little sweeter than I expected the meat to taste but with a porky aftertaste if that makes sense. It was more tender than crunchy. Sometimes you’d chew and feel a crunchy bit that I read was likely the outer layer of skin of the ear.

Needless to say it was an interesting experience and one I’m not exactly sure I’d try again. I’m always up for trying something new and did. The slimy texture of the pig snout was a lot to deal with. Thinking back, it felt like a bunch of snot was in my mouth.

I think moving forward I’ll stick to the buche, lengua, tripas and al pastor tacos at Taqueria El Fogon.

You can visit them at either one of their two locations:
1555 S Bluffview
Wichita, KS 67218

2604 N Arkansas
Wichita, KS 67204

Cash Only

Happy Dining,

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