10 most missed restaurants since the start of Wichita By E.B.

This week, I officially celebrated eight full years of blogging. Can’t believe one random February evening in 2011 would bring me to this day. I got reminiscent and started thinking about all the restaurants over the past eight years I’ve missed most. Over 150 restaurants (probably way more than that actually) have closed over those years.

Many good ones have closed unfortunately so I wanted to pay homage to some of those really good places with a list of restaurants I’ve missed most. Here are the ten I would love to have back.

And the Weiner Is – The hot dog restaurant at 2322 E Douglas also known as Let’s Be Frank and Get Franked had creative and inventive hot dogs that were very reminiscent of my trips to Chicago.

Dibi from African Flavor

African Flavor Restaurant – This restaurant was located at 5218 E 21st street and one of the very few African restaurants in town that was very short-lived.

Il Ponte Cafe – This was one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. But all wasn’t lost as Kabab’s was a very suitable replacement in the area on north Rock Road.

Jet Bar-B-Q – Between the food and the ambiance of an old firehouse, this was a great lunch stop for friends and I.

Kwan Court – This Asian restaurant was one of my favorites. So many fond memories of staring at all the framed pictures on the wall. It closed in my first year of blogging. Plus it holds a special place in my heart, it was the restaurant I had sushi for my very first time.

Moe's Sub Shop

Moe’s Sub Shop – This recent closing still breaks my heart. Their subs were amazing.

Philly’s Inc – The very short lived restaurant where This Is It resides in had my favorite Philly in town.

Samurai Japanese Grill – When it came to quick-service Japanese Grill’s, I would say Samurai was much better than Emperor’s. Pho Cuong now sits inside the Samurai space.

The Hungry Heart – Bad location near Intrust Bank Arena didn’t help this restaurant’s cause. The menu was so eclectic yet delicious. There wasn’t anything on the menu I didn’t like.

Yen Ching – I know you can get some of the dishes at Tasty House but it still isn’t the same. I miss Yen Ching.

Of course there are many other places that I miss. Some that even closed or left Wichita more than eight years ago like Grandy’s or The Cedar. But sticking within the past eight years, those ten are truly missed by me.

Happy Dining,

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