Against the Grain Review: Wichita’s gluten free and dairy free food trailer

When the weather is nice in the spring, we try to make it out to the food trucks. During lunch, Against the Grain just happened to be in the area so we dropped by to get a look at Wichita’s gluten free and dairy free food trailer. Everything is prepared fresh and most items are organic. For someone like myself who has is lactose intolerant, this was right up my alley.



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On our visit, they had two main dishes on the menu: mac & cheese and a gourmet burger. We decided to order both of those along with the banana nut tea bread.

The gourmet burger was excellent. The patty was juicy and grilled just right. It was smaller than your typical burgers but was still quite filling for its size. The thick cut fries admittedly were a little tough and not as crispy as we would have hoped. The mac & cheese was certainly different than what most of us grew up on. We were told the cheese was made from plant based ingredients. It’s dryer and less creamy than what you’d make at home. Personally I’ve had some lactose free mac & cheese before and it was horrible and flavor. Since then my experiences with it have been far and few between. Against The Grain’s version while dry still packed some flavor; the bacon helped quite a bit. We were pleasantly surprised as our expectations were low going into it.

As for the banana nut tea bread, let’s just say I finished it in probably under two minutes. I LOVED IT.

It’s nice to have a food truck focused on food allergies. It’s even nicer when their food is flavorful and delicious. Plus their use of biodegradable food containers was a bonus. Two thumbs up for Against the Grain.

Here’s their menu the day of our visit (keep in mind the menu changes often):

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