Local restaurants hopping on board with ICT Food Rescue to help end hunger and eliminate food waste

If you work in the food industry, you may want to acquaint yourself with ICT Food Rescue. They are a volunteer organization that partnered with Food Rescue US that is here to help the local community.

The goal behind ICT Food Rescue was simple. They want to be a simple solution to ending local hunger and reducing food waste. To put it into perspective more than 50 million Americans are food insecure and more than 40 billion meals are wasted a year. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, think of all the wasted food.

What ICT Food Rescue has done is find fresh, usable food that would have otherwise been thrown away from grocers, restaurants, and other food industry sources and give it to food insecure families and nonprofit organizations in Wichita.

It’s a food rescue movement that has started to gain traction in our city. What I love about them after reading more was the fact its a  grassroots organization that isn’t about the pizzazz and hoopla. They also hit an area of need that I have a soft spot for.

One of their main sources of food has been from restaurants. Once a restaurant signs up and donates their leftover food or food they can no longer serve, volunteers come and pick up the food. It is then donated and kept here in our city. Locally made. Locally donated.

ICT Food Rescue has been saving hundreds of pounds of food a month. Nationally, Food Rescue has been able to save over 37 million pounds of food since 2011.

If you love supporting organizations that give back, here is the list of current groups and restaurants that are donating to the cause:

  • Little Lion Cafe
  • Senior Services
  • Picasso’s Pizzeria
  • Eat Fit Go
  • Holy Cross Lutheran School
  • Starbucks (multiple locations)
  • Reverie Coffee Roasters
  • Eberly Farms
  • They will soon be adding Doo Dah Diner

To learn more about ICT Food Rescue, check out their Facebook page. If you’re a producer of food or a restaurant owner and would like to learn how you can help, email ictfoodrescue@gmail.com.

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