McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries as bland and boring as Super Bowl 53


When it comes to fast food fries, McDonald’s is in the discussion for the best in many circles. I’ll admit, I enjoy them. Every single kid in my family loves them too.

Recently, they decided to put a twist on their fries because fast food chains don’t ever live and let be. Changes and zany creations are common. Cheesy Bacon Fries are now available for $3.19 at all McDonald’s. They feature the McDonald’s fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce and apple-wood smoked bacon bits.

The amount of cheese and bacon on the fries varies depending on the quality of the McDonald’s you go to. There wasn’t much consistency as seen in the two pictures below.

The bacon had a smoky taste to it and was fairly crispy. That is if you were able to get plenty of it. On our first order, there was tons of of. On the second order, it was far and few between. The cheese while creamy was bland. In both cases though, the cheese was not warm at all. Everything was lukewarm, even the fries.

While we enjoy McDonald’s fries when fresh, the cheese and bacon version didn’t hold up well. Due to the size of the fries, they were cold and soggy in quick fashion. At $3.19, they ended up being a big waste of money for everybody in my family who ordered them. I’ve been told Wendy’s Baconator Fries aren’t too bad so perhaps that might be next.

In the meantime, these are something to avoid and save your money on.


McDonald’s also offers their Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with bacon. I ordered the Big Mac and was given just one piece of bacon. My brother ordered the Quarter Pounder with bacon in the drive thru. When he arrived home, he had ZERO bacon on it. Job well done McDonald’s.

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