Nagasaki Steakhouse fails to meet the bar set by other hibachis in Wichita

My family loves Japanese steakhouses. We’ve been to so many different ones in Wichita that is still open or has closed like Sal’s or Sake. Earlier this year, Nagasaki Steakhouse took over the spot where Osaka Fantasy Steak House of Japan operated. It’s located on Taft street which is just behind the T.J. Maxx on west Kellogg.

6821 W Taft Ave
Wichita, KS 67209

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 4:30pm – 10pm
Sunday: 5pm – 8:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Nagasaki Steakhouse is a Japanese steakhouse serving hibachi meals prepared by a chef right in front of you. If you’ve never been to one, it’s really a great and fun experience. The kids in my family have always loved it. There are two other steakhouses in town: Kobe’s and Sumo’s. The prices at Nagasaki fall under Sumo’s and are fairly similar to Kobe’s.

Like the other places, we were seated once our entire party arrived. Everyone placed their drink and food orders. The process was the exact same as anywhere else. Our soup and salad that came with our meals arrived promptly. Everybody’s eyes sort of lit up after finishing each one. We really enjoyed the soup and the ginger dressing was just as good as what you could find in town.

We all ordered different combinations of steak, filet, chicken, shrimp, and scallops along with steamed and fried rice. We really covered the gamut of the entire menu to see how it compared.

Our chef did a great job of trying to entertain our group. He was engaging, cracking some jokes and made sure everyone was having fun. For his effort, we would all have given him an A. For his showmanship and how it all came off, it wasn’t on par with Sumo’s or Kobe’s. If those were the varsity level of hibachi live cooking, than Nagasaki was the junior varsity team. Like I said, he did his best but definitely needs to hone his skills more.

The service there was great too. Our drinks were always being refilled and the dirty dishes were taken away in a timely manner.

Unfortunately the biggest fail for Nagasaki was in the food. For starters, the portion sizes seemed much smaller but that wasn’t the sticking point for us. The food simply did not taste good. The fried rice was the best part; that’s hard to mess up. The chicken was the next best part; average at best.

The scallops were very bland, tiny and slightly burned. I love scallops and felt the ones there were rubbery and chewy in texture. If we thought the scallops were rubbery, the shrimp took it to a whole new level. Everyone at the table was very unimpressed with the shrimp. Then the steaks and the filet mignon were chewy as well. We would have gotten over that but the meat tasted odd as if it was old or sitting in the freezer for way too long. One family member who ordered the filet didn’t even finish half of it before throwing in the towel.

We will give credit to the servers and cooks there. They tried their best and worked within the skills and food they had available. Our biggest sticking point was the food. Japanese steakhouses are not cheap especially for families so the times we do splurge we want to make sure it’s delicious. It was a thumbs down for us at our visit to Nagasaki Steakhouse.

Here was their menu:

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