O’Malley’s Irish Pub Review

OMalley's Irish Pub
Let’s talk about a bar I have frequented many times in the past. It’s a place that markets themselves as the most craft beer in Wichita with 250+ beers, 29 beers on tap, 90 different Irish Whiskeys and the best pizza in Wichita. It’s O’Malley’s Irish Pub. It’s actually a review I’ve been meaning to write for some time but had to make one last visit given a recommendation I received. That one last visit changed the whole course of this review and you’ll see why below.

2405 W 31st St
Wichita, KS 67217

Open Monday – Saturday: 2pm – 2am
Sunday: 11am – 2am


Cash/Card Accepted

O’Malley’s is a place with great specials. Everyday from Noon to 7pm, they have half price liquor, all drinks, shots or bombs. They also have half price pizza, appetizers and wings. They have half price wings on Monday, 99cent tacos on Tuesday and Thursday, $5 10oz sirloins on Wednesday, and half price pizza on Saturday.

On many past visits, I’ve gone with friends. Excuse the lighting in the pictures below as it’s fairly dark inside the bar. Friends have thoroughly enjoyed the food there whether it was chicken and waffles or even pizza. For bar food, it’s a huge step up from their competitors. I have always enjoyed the food there on every visit. The service has always been good too.

On my most recent visit, I ordered the Irish Pizza. It’s something I’ve long wanted to try but not a soul I spoke to was willing to give it a go. This pizza includes large chunks of corned beef, sauerkraut, black olives, onions, hamburger and mozzarella cheese. I loved every second of the pizza minus the black olives; just not a fan of them. The crust had a nice crispy texture to it. There were plenty large chunks of corned beef as advertised in it. One thing it could have used of was a little more sauerkraut but otherwise I had no complaints.

After eating three slices, things took a little turn for the worst. There was no way I could finish the pizza myself so I asked for a to go box. The server handed me a styrofoam container which I wasn’t sure could fit all the slices. She asked if I would prefer a box. Since she offered, I said sure.

I get my box and load up the extra slices of pizza. Then I get a check which showed $2 for a box. I took a look and was taken back by the situation. I’ve never had to pay for a to go box before but if that’s their policy, I would have been more than happy to use the box or opt for the free styrofoam container. All I wanted was to be given a heads up of this charge. I get small businesses have expenses and carryout boxes are one of them; things aren’t cheap. But for products which are usually a free service to customers like to go boxes or silverware, consumers should be given a heads up before being given a charge. I posted about it on Facebook and received many comments. I told my server, had I known I would have chosen the free container and figured out a way to stuff my slices in there. She said sorry and left it at that.

The owner eventually reached out to me and apologized. He told me on Saturdays when they have half price pizza, it’s for dine-in only. At half-price, they are selling it at cost which I totally get. It’s a way to get customers in the door. He said many people try to come in and order a pizza, sit around and ask for a box to take the whole pizza home circumventing the system. I’d almost compare it to restaurants who charge $2 for a second plate, buffet lines who charge for a carryout box or something to that effect. The exception is the customers are given a heads up. He would later tell me that it was servers job to make sure customers are aware. He apologized again and said he would have a talk with his staff about the communication. He even offered a free pizza and box to go on my next visit which I appreciated but passed on as it wasn’t necessary. So if you do go, I would opt for the styrofoam containers or ask about the pizza boxes and see if they make you aware of the $2 fee.

Aside from the whole box fiasco, I did actually enjoy their food. I won’t let the servers lack of proper communication or how they handled it change my thoughts on the actual food and give a biased account. It was an unfortunate situation and outcome but had that never happened this review would have played out pretty much all positively.

Here’s their menu:

OMalleys Irish Pub

OMalleys Irish Pub

Happy Dining,

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