Sometimes all you need is LaMar’s Donuts

LaMar's Donuts

When it comes to a good glazed donut, LaMar’s Donuts fits my craving every single time. With three different locations, I’m not sure there’s ever been a time LaMar’s has let me down. You can quit reading right now if you want because it’s going to be a positive review as given away by the title.

3130 N Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 5:30am – 1pm
Sunday: 6am – 12pm


Cash/Card Accepted

There are two other locations at 10051 W 21st St and 3301 E Harry but for the purposes of this particular review, we covered the Rock Road locale as it was more convenient for us.

Like many other donut shots, you want to make sure you get there at a decent time so you don’t miss out on the good donuts. Far too many times, I’m there right before close and they are almost out. To those people paying close attention, yes they close at 1pm and yes, donuts are perfect for lunch.

LaMar’s has all the basic staple of donuts and have many different seasonal options. Their pumpkin spice donut is killer and I wish was around 24/7.

LaMar's Donuts

Every single visit to LaMar’s Donuts always includes at least one glazed donut or as seen in the picture below 36. It just depends on how I’m feeling that morning. Everybody has their favorite and I consider LaMar’s to be up there with the best. It’s like they have the science down on how much glaze to put on the donut. It’s perfect!

My other siblings also consider LaMar’s as their favorite donut shop in town. We are more into the yeast donuts than the cake donuts. They aren’t as dense; certainly lighter which makes us believe what we are eating is healthy. One can only imagine…..

LaMar's Donuts

LaMar's Donuts

LaMar's Donuts

If it’s one thing Wichita has plenty of, it’s great donut options. Add LaMar’s to your list.

Here’s their menu:

LaMar's Donuts

Happy Dining,

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