Whole Foods Market’s Self-Serve Mochi Ice Cream

Not too long ago, we wrote about Dillons and their new self-serve mochi ice cream kiosk they had. Well it was brought to our attention, they weren’t the only player in the game.

It looks as though Whole Foods Market has also been selling mochi ice cream individually. We know there are plenty of stores around town that sell mochi in packs like Costco, Target, among others. But the allure of these self-serve kiosks is that you get to choose specifically the flavors you wants. You don’t have to settle for a box of six of just one flavor.

Of course that comes at a premium. Boxes of mochi usually bring the price of them to under a dollar a piece. In the self-serve realm, it’s over a dollar.

At Whole Foods, they are two dollars a piece. You can get them down to $1.50 a piece which is what Dillons sells them for if you purchase twelve.

After asking around, it appears Whole Foods sells the Bubbies brand of mochi. There were nine flavors available in the kiosk. Some readers told me, you could get a free sample of one but that wasn’t offered to us on our visit.

My girlfriend and I gave five different flavors a try. Our first initial reaction was that the Whole Foods Market mochi was a cleaner eat. By that, we mean there was much less powder on them. After biting into them, the rice dough to ice cream ratio was more in favor of the rice dough. There appeared to be less ice cream in Whole Foods Bubbies brand versus the Dillons My/Mo brand.

The mochi at Whole Foods also had a very gummy texture to them as was described by one of the associates there. So if texture’s your thing, it’s less “rubbery” so to speak at Dillons. Of all the flavors we tried, the blood orange was the standout. It was insanely good; not too sweet or acidic. We had other flavors like mango, chocolate espresso, red velvet and passion fruit and none of them really stuck out as worth the price of admission.

While the blood orange was phenomenal, we just weren’t sure if paying $1.75 to $2 was worth it. A box of six Bubbies pre-packaged mochi runs $6.49. If we could find that in blood orange, then we would be all over that. Otherwise, we will sit out on any other Whole Foods mochi.

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