Caesar’s Table offers an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s an upgrade from the national chains

Diners love all-you-can-eat type establishments. But many of these restaurants serve low quality food with a low quality dining experience. Regardless I get the appeal of them, I grew up spending my Sundays after church going to Ryan’s or Hometown Buffet because that’s where Mama E.B. chose to go. For some people, that’s their guilty pleasure and I won’t fault them for that. But downtown, there’s one buffet worth checking out. It’s Caesar’s Table.

125 N Market St
Wichita, KS 67202

Sunday – Friday: 11am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Caesar’s Table is easy to miss. For starters it’s located on Market Street which is a one-way street. Secondly, the signage is horrible. The lettering on the windows is barely noticeable while you’re driving by. Even worse the red stand-up sign displayed out front doesn’t even say the name of the restaurant. Just bad marketing 101. I’ve had friends drive by multiple times before realizing where it was at.

If you can find Caesar’s Table, the experience does get better. They offer free valet parking so you don’t have to deal with the crazy downtown parking at times. Once you’re inside, the restaurant is very well kept, clean and always presentable. You don’t get the cheap feel of a Golden Corral.

Prices for the weekday lunch buffet are $12.90 (includes tax) for adults, $6 for kids and free for 3 and under. On Sundays it’s $16.09 (includes tax) for adults, $8 for kids and free for 3 and under.

The buffet line includes all sorts of different things like their popular fried chicken, coconut-crusted catfish, chicken pot pie, salad bar, pasta bar, and much more. On my first trip through the line, they were running low on items but quickly filled them on the second visit. We had a little bit of everything and the fried chicken was certainly one of our favorite items. The catfish was also a surprise delight for one of my friends. They also have a full spread of different desserts and the strawberry cake was amazing. I don’t eat desserts often and had two slices of it.

Now, I’ll try not to over hype Caesar’s Table and say the food is out of this world crazy. But for $12.90, we enjoyed our food, felt it was a great value and had some awesome service.

And for bonus points, Caesar’s Table offers my favorite…. Dorothy Lynch’s Home Style Dressing. It’s a huge family favorite and something I could drink straight out of the bottle.

Happy Dining,

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