Cafe Bel Ami where the Caesar salad is to die for

Cafe Bel Ami

One evening we were in the mood for salads. We were discussing where to go for dinner and out of no where, I suggested Cafe Bel Ami. It’s been a long time since my last visit there. All I had was fond memories of the Caesar salad. A return was necessary.

229 E William St
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm; 5pm – 9pm
Saturday: 5pm – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

The interior of Cafe Bel Ami is unforgettable. The building has been around since the 1920’s. We had some debate on whether the fabric on the wall was in need of some change or a facelift. That didn’t seem to deter any customers as the place was packed at dinner time.

The menu has a tremendous amount of French Mediterranean dishes but our focus was on salad for dinner. I went with the Fattoush salad with chicken while my girlfriend went with the Caesar salad minus the anchovies as she was limiting her fish intake during her pregnancy. Our salads also came with a little French baguette.

The Caesar salad didn’t lose a beat. It doesn’t taste like your average offering. There was a small hint of mustard flavor in the dressing which we really loved. Our server told us the chef made some changes recently to the house made dressings for the Caesar and the Fattoush. It was still creamy yet light. Literally one of the best, if not the best, Caesar salad in all of Wichita.

While the Fattoush was delicious, it didn’t stack up to the Caesar. It had a nice lemony flavor to it and still very filling with the chicken. I finished it quickly but spent half of my time eyeing my girlfriend’s Caesar.

At the recommendation of our server we also ordered the apple and pear bread pudding for dessert. It was good but not at the level our server hyped it up to. I’m not particularly a fan of raisins and couldn’t get over the taste of them mixed in the sauce layered over the top.

I would go back for that Caesar salad seven days a week though.

Our server was extremely nice and pleasant. Outside of some minor lapses in waiting for our ticket and tabbing out, we had no other problems with it. We would certainly go back.

Here’s their menu:

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