First Look at Crazy Crab Seafood

Crazy Crab Seafood

A new restaurant opened up in the former Chi Chi’s and Kirin Court spot at 511 S West St. Crazy Crab Seafood looks to continue the run of seafood related restaurants opening in Wichita. We stopped by over lunch to get a quick first hand look for what to expect.

511 S West St
Wichita, KS 67212

Sunday – Thursday: Noon – 9:30pm
Friday – Saturday: Noon – 10:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

As most people who are familiar with the building, it’s very spacious and dilapidated. Inside, they closed off much of the interior and put a new coat of paint on the walls. The seating also looked to have been reupholstered. By no means was it a complete renovation. The bathroom could definitely use a little work.

I met a friend for lunch and we both stuck to their fried side of the menu. We asked about the crawfish and was told they could only get frozen crawfish. With many other places around town offering it live, we decided to opt out on that. For those wondering, the prices on the menu for boiled seafood on the lunch side are a half pound serving.

After browsing through, we decided to go with the fried shrimp, fried catfish and wings. Service was a wee bit slow especially considering we were the only people in the restaurant.

A few bites into each of our entrees and we weren’t impressed. Our shrimp, catfish and wings were all overcooked. They were definitely left in the fryer for a little too long. Everything was very chewy especially the chicken. The catfish had the flavor as if it had been frozen for a while. I didn’t even finish most of my meal. We had maybe three pieces of chicken before calling it quits.

Crazy Crab Seafood has some work on their hands. We did feel bad how empty it was having just opened. But there is some good news, not everything there was frozen. Perhaps we may return for the live side.

Here’s their menu:

Crazy Crab Seafood

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