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ICT Radio

January 1, 2018

Tim Klein, Derrick Metzen, Eric Pierce

All musicians or former artists who have an overwhelming love for music of all genres

Independent Radio Station Internet Based All Local Music All the Time

We started ICT Radio to create a platform that unsigned artists could be listened to without going through all of the red tape, fees and constantly being told no by radio stations. We created ICT Radio to help get our music out there and also assist other artists like us do the same thing. When the station was founded on January 1st, 2018 we had a few hours of music from only a handful of artists. The first song ever aired was a Hip Hop song titled “Wichita With Love” by Live! From the Basement and ever since we have had non stop submissions for over a year.

We do vet each artists songs that are submitted for quality, compatibility and overall feel. We accept all genres of music as well which we feel makes us very unique as pretty much all other radio stations play 1 specific genre.

We created a Top 10 Countdown in August of 2018 that let bands, fans and listeners vote for their favorite artist(s) throughout the week and the results would be announced on a Top 10 Countdown Show every Sunday at 3:00 PM. The overall winner for 2018 won a Free Day Studio Recording with Magnitude Creative and a T-shirt Package from Ships Custom Tees so the winning band could have some merchandise to sell at their next show. We are doing this in 2019 but doing it slightly different. Instead of a weekly voting poll and a weekly voting show we will move it to monthly voting/show. The Top 2 artists will automatically get entered into Decembers contest which will feature the best of the best throughout the year competing for the grand prize. The contest will be from February to November with the finals being in December of 2019. More information can be found at .

We also expect to do more broadcast shows throughout this year and really try to grow this thing to the next level! We are still relatively unknown but are becoming widely recognized among artists and some venues. They see we aren’t just some corporate bunch trying to swoop in and capitalize. We actually care about the artists, the venues and the music scene as a whole.

We differ significantly from corporate radio in we do not pound people with ads constantly. We may have one every once in a while but listening to our station vs any other station out there is a significantly difference experience. The ads we do align ourselves with we want to make sure are a product or something we feel our listeners could use and or a company with the same love for music as us.

We just crossed over and now have over 100 local different Wichita bands/artists broadcasting 24/7 at Something that we never thought would happen would be that people would send us music from all over the world. We also run a 2nd station in tandem that features a lot of the music we receive from around the world that we can’t put on ICT Radio. ICT Radio will always be all local all the time. It was almost a crime to not share the other music with the world so we formed National Underground Radio which is also a link on our web page. We haven’t spent as much love on that side promoting it yet but it is still being listened to by people from all across the globe. We are constantly out at shows taking pictures of bands and meeting them and doing interviews. We do weekly podcasts as well which a lot of the time we feature different musicians or catch them during a show to see what they have been up to! Our main mission has always been to get local music into as many ears as possible and so far we have exceeded our own expectations. We still feel we have so much more room to grow and 2019 has already been incredible!

If there is 1 thing we could ask of people it is to listen to our station to support these talented artists and or go out to a show! There are dozens of shows you could attend every week so there is no excuse to not go out and find the music that is for you! We have an events calendar on our website as well as broadcast weekly events on our broadcast every week!

Currently we have a lot of Rock, Country, Alternative and some Ska and Hip Hop. We would love to add some Blues and Jazz to the station but just haven’t had anybody submit music of those genres.

If you want to submit music send mp3’s to: and if you want to submit your bands show details do so at:

We are on all social media platforms as well : and ictradio316 on Instagram.

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