Inside the newly renovated and rebranded B&C BBQ Pub & Grill

Over the past twenty years, B&C has gone through many changes.

The most exciting one took place recently when the restaurant formerly known as B&C Creations and B&C Barbeque rebranded themselves as B&C BBQ Pub & Grill. They now have a full-service bar and have changed their hours to open for dinner and on Sundays.  The capacity has increased by over 100. So with all this change, the last thing we needed to know was how was the food. Let’s find out.

355 N Washington St
Wichita, KS 67202

Open Daily: 11am – 10pm


Cash & Checks Accepted

When it comes to restaurant makeovers, B&C was a complete facelift. It was like a brand new restaurant and for the better. For those of us who had been to B&C before their multiple renovations, this was the best one yet. They did a fantastic job with all the TV placement and the bar located in the center of the restaurant. It was so much brighter, inviting and spacious.

The buffet price which included a drink was $12.56 for adults, $5.99 for kids under 8, and $3.99 for kids under 5. To go plates were available for $9 a pound with two sides. The buffet line included salad, bread, pasta salad, potato salad, beans, turkey sirloin, ribs, brisket, hot links and so much more. Just be prepared for the meat sweats that follow. Also the buffet runs only from Monday through Saturday 11am – 2pm. After that and on Sundays, it is menu service.

My friends and I stopped by over the weekend. We felt it was a great change of pace to watch some college basketball than the normal staples of downtown. Our plan was to graze on some BBQ while sharing a few drinks. We failed. Our first trip to the buffet line brought back huge plates of food that we finished. Half of us went back for a second round somehow and finished that off. By the end, we sat and watched the basketball games with droopy eyes as if we could fall asleep any second.

The food didn’t miss a beat. One of my friends went through what looked like a plateful of hot links; his absolute favorite. My combination of turkey, pork sirloin and spicy beans was delicious. The amount of spicy beans I inhaled was enough to cause concern for anyone who would be sitting by me hours later. My girlfriend loved how creamy the potato salad was. The pulled pork was enjoyed by all and a common item found on nearly everyone’s trip through the line. When it comes to daily buffets in Wichita, I’m not sure there’s anything better than the standard set by B&C. Each time we were done with our plates, staff would come by immediately to take it off the table. They were really on top of things. It was one of those instances, the service matched the quality of the food.

I’m pretty sure most of us took afternoon naps that day. So you’ll want to allot time for that in your schedule.

Here’s a look at the buffet line:

This might be the perfect spot for March Madness…… Can’t wait to go back.

Here’s their daily specials:

Happy Dining,

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