Julius Rib Cage Review

My next foray into BBQ brought me to Julius Rib Cage. Some of you may have gone to the original location at 13th and Oliver which closed down years ago. I’ve never been to the original location so I can only speak for my visit to the southwest locale.

2958 S Seneca
Wichita, KS 67217

Open Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

This review spans a few visits and every time I’ve gone in there, it seemed to be a one man operation. The owner may have some help but for what I’ve seen, he’s always been doing everything himself. So kudos to him for that. Every experience, the guy running it has been extremely nice.

Since it’s a one man show, it’s all counter service. You order your food, wait for it to be plated and then go find a table. The prices were also fair. One meat dinners cost around $10 and then your two and three meat dinners range around the $12-13 area.

I’ve had everything there from their pork sandwiches, ribs, hot links, and beef brisket. Their hot links were basically like hot dogs with a dry rub and I wasn’t too impressed with it. But what I loved along with a buddy of mine were the ribs and pork sandwiches.

The ribs while a little on the dry side were tender, flavorful and came off the bone with ease. Nearly everything including the beans is topped with their dry rub. I really love how it tastes but granted sometimes he’s a little heavy on the dry rub and it’s too much. What I like about Julius Rib Cage is I enjoy it without the BBQ sauce. I’m a condiment whore but can eat their food without the need for it. But when I do, their hot bbq sauce packs a lot of heat. The pork is similar in the fact that it doesn’t need sauce to be good. It has a nice rich smokey aftertaste to it that one of my friends said he could probably eat 3-4 pounds of.

There have been many times I’ve driven out of my way to order more ribs from there. Julius Rib Cage is rarely ever in the discussion for best BBQ in Wichita and that’s not really for me to weigh in as I’m not knowledgeable enough in that realm. I can only say what my taste buds tell me and for my visits there, I’ve really enjoyed it and would always go back.

They didn’t have any paper menus so this was the best I could do for the menu:

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