Must Try Menu Item: Tostadas De Mango Habanero Agualiche y Ceviche from Leo’s Taqueria

Leo’s Taqueria & Catering

Here’s a suggestion you all might love. In the latest installment of “Must Try Menu Item” we head out to a local food truck: Leo’s Taqueria & Catering. It’s a truck often parked near Pawnee & Seneca in the Westway Shopping Center.

If you LOVE seafood and spicy food, there’s one combination you have to try. For roughly $5, I urge you all to find out on their Facebook page the next time Leo’s Taqueria & Catering will be out. When you do, take your money and order the tostadas de mango aguachile y ceviche. Basically this is a tostada topped with ceviche, roasted mango habaneros and other spices then layered with avocado on top.

I’ve had a lot of tostadas at trucks and restaurants around town but this one just might top them all. It was incredibly flavorful with loads of different spices on top that brought a ton of heat. There was plenty of ceviche to go around and made for an awesome lunch. It even brought tears to my eye. To this day, I’m still debating if its because I was in love with it or the heat got to me.

Leo’s Taqueria & Catering

Leo’s Taqueria & Catering also serves burritos, quesadillas, tacos and more but do yourself a favor and add this tostada to your order. Be sure to like them on Facebook as well.



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