Neives’ Mexican Food & Catering Review

If you’re from Winfield, KS, you are probably familiar with Neives’ Mexican Restaurant. They have since closed that restaurant and will focus on their food truck operations moving forward. You can find this truck in Wichita now too. They have been at the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park regularly now. I stopped by to give them a try to see what the popular signature flour taco was all about.



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 It was a quick brief stop for me at Neives, I wanted to give their 7” fried flour shell taco a try. Since I was there, I also opted to order a beef enchilada. It took no time at all for both items to arrive.

It’s no secret, I’m not a fried flour taco guy but am always open to giving them a shot. Coming from someone who doesn’t regularly order them, I was impressed with Neives. It wasn’t too greasy, there was a ton of meat packed inside and it was all rather flavorful. If you’re looking for a filling lunch, I think two of these would have been good enough. I enjoyed the simple salsas that came with them and should have asked for a couple more packs.

The enchilada on the other hand wasn’t as stellar. Visually it didn’t do much for me but more importantly, it was dry, bland and didn’t have much to it.

Since I’m making it my goal to go to the food trucks more this summer, I’ll have to go back and try the tostada and the smothered burrito to see if those options are any better.

Here’s the menu:

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