Only three teams have escaped The Mission 2 at Wichita Room Escape. Are you up for the challenge?

It’s been a while since our last visit to Wichita Room Escape. They recently opened a new room called The Mission 2. It was a sequel to one of their hardest rooms they had around the time they first opened. We read that only one team had escaped it with a time of 59 minutes. We love a fun difficult room so we made a reservation and were ready for the challenge.

3700 E Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67208


Here’s the basic information on the room.

Attention NEATO agents, we have discovered that our arch nemesis WAEDAAH has moved to Russia. Our intelligence suggests that they plan to set off an explosive somewhere in Russia. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate WAEDAAH’s headquarters and recover the explosives before they return. You have one hour. Good luck special agents!

This is our HARDEST room and holds 6 participants.

After making our reservation we found out another team completed the room the night before and had a record time of 44:20. When we arrived, the staff at Wichita Room Escape told us that around 25 teams have tried and only two teams have successfully escaped.

What makes this room more difficult is the inability to request clues. In many rooms, sometimes you receive a free clue or a few free clues. It was ran very similarly to the original Mission room for those that tried it.

The beauty of The Mission 2 is there’s plenty of things going on to keep a team of six people occupied. There was rarely a lull for us where one or two people were standing around. Often times there were two people working to decipher one clue, while two others were studying something, while the remaining two were unlocking items. By design, it’s a basic room that doesn’t rely on theatrical production which isn’t negative at all. We really enjoyed it and ended up escaping and breaking the current record by less than a minute.

Just another fun room escape around town that offers a steeper level of difficulty for those who enjoy a challenge.

Their hours are Monday & Tuesday 12pm – 10pm, closed on Wednesday, Thursday through Saturday from 12pm to 10pm and Sunday from 1pm to 9pm.  Bookings are $20 per person at all times. If you are booking and do not want to be put with strangers, you must book all spots otherwise you do risk the chance of being placed with other people who could purchase the open spots for any time slot.

So as of now the current record time is 43:34. Are you up to the challenge to beat it?

And if you go, be sure to tell them Wichita By E.B. sent you!
Happy Escaping!

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