Six spots to try during the Lenten season in Wichita

Ash Wednesday starts the mark of the 2019 Lenten season. Depending on your religious beliefs, some people avoid meat on Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent. With my mother being a devout Catholic, we were raised on Long John Silvers every Friday. She’s probably the reason, I have a guilty pleasure for the fried fish there. Then there was going to a Catholic high school and spending my Fridays at McDonald’s eating the Filet-O-Fish because the cheese pizza served in the cafeteria was God-awful.

For many of you, Long John Silver’s and McDonald’s may not be your thing. If you’re trying to eat out during Lent, there are so many restaurants that have seafood of Vegetarian dishes specifically for this time of year. It’d be exhausting creating a list of those places so I’m going to focus on the places where I have usually gone in the past. Granted I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I make a mistake (or purposely do it) and eat meat. Don’t tell my mom.

Wichita Fish Company

Wichita Fish Co. – 1601 W Douglas Ave
This is a staple for many people on Fridays. Just be careful because this place gets PACKED during lunch time. They have the largest variety of seafood in the state of Kansas.

Poke Mix – 8918 W 21st St
A fresh poke bowl is one of the easiest, quickest and most convenient stops for lunch or dinner.

Newport Grill

Newport Grill – 1900 N Rock Road
When it comes to fine dining for seafood, nobody does it better than Newport Grill.

Mark your calendars for Monday, March 18. It’s just two weeks away.

Fish & More

Fish & More – 2021 Oliver
Get the catfish. ‘Nuff said

Da Cajun Shak

Da Cajun Shak – 6249 E 21st St N
One of my favorite little spots for some fried deliciousness.

Thao's Bistro

Thao’s Bistro – 1825 S Broadway
A huge number of Vietnamese people in the Wichita community are Catholic. So of course a Vietnamese restaurant will be ready to take care of you on Fridays.

These six spots are just a small percentage of the numerous restaurants in town that will take care of you. This is a small representation of places I’ve dined at over the years. But I’m sure one visit to Long John Silver’s will be in my future courtesy of my mother.

Happy Dining,

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