With Fetch Bar & Grill closing, can a dog-friendly restaurant make it in Wichita?

You may have seen the post today from Fetch Bar & Grill:

The restaurant known for being dog-friendly as well as being featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s show ‘24 Hours to Hell and Back‘ will be closing.

Fetch Bar & Grill, located at 7718 E 37th St will officially close on Sunday, April 28.

Back in 2017, Gordon Ramsay came to save the struggling restaurant. He made many changes to the interior and the menu. Over time, many of those recommendations were tossed aside and the name even changed from Fetch Bistro to Fetch Bar & Grill. Admittedly my last visit to Fetch was very underwhelming after showing up when Chef Ramsay was in town.

I’ve always been of the opinion that a dog-friendly restaurant would need to be in an area like College Hill or Riverside to succeed or at least a chance to. 37th and Rock has not been friendly to many local restaurants. Pacific Coast Pizza, Molino’s, U-Grill, are some of the places that have since closed down. Fizz Burgers & Bottles seems to be the lone option right at that corner.

All may not be lost though as rumor has it, the owners may be opening up something in that same location. Who knows.

So now Chef Gordon Ramsay is 0-1 in Wichita but I don’t believe it’s entirely his fault considering Fetch didn’t stick with everything suggested. So what’s your opinion, can a dog-friendly restaurant make it in Wichita?

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1 thought on “With Fetch Bar & Grill closing, can a dog-friendly restaurant make it in Wichita?”

  1. I think a dog friendly restaurant would work but I agree it needs to be in the right spot. Sounds like Fetch put themselves in this spot if they didn’t follow chef Ramsey’s help and suggestions. He knows what he’s doing. You should check out west street burgers. Everything is homemade including their corn dogs. They rock.

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