KT Cookie Company Review

Does cookies for lunch sound like a good idea? We always think so. Over lunch recently we stopped by KT Cookie Co. to have cookies for lunch. We found out recently that they have a small lunch menu so that was just an added benefit to compliment the cookies.

1908 W 13th St N
Wichita, Kansas 67203

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

The first thing we saw was a big North High Redskins sign that was signed by probably many current students and graduates of the local high school. It was pretty cool to see people coming in and looking for their signature.

Otherwise there isn’t much seating inside, this is certainly a grab and go place especially if you’re ordering a sandwich or something.

They had an assortment of cookies on display that covered the whole gamut of what you’d want.

We ordered two lunch specials which were the BBQ sandwich and the chicken salad sandwich. Unfortunately neither of them really delivered for us. The BBQ within the sandwich was almost too sweet. The sauce really through it for a loop. Then the chicken salad sandwich was mostly chicken and lettuce. There weren’t any diced up vegetables or anything to give it a spike in flavor. Overall they were very disappointing lunch items.

Luckily there’s always cookies! We ordered a half-dozen cookies. We’ve had cookies all over town and the ones at KT Cookie Company while not horrible, didn’t quite match the quality or satisfaction we’ve had at many other spots around town. The cookies lacked that soft chewiness to them. They weren’t stale by any means but they had that texture which didn’t appeal to our preference. There were many other customers raving about them but they just weren’t for us.

Food aside, the lady working inside was extremely nice. She had that mother-type vibe to her that made us feel at home. Perhaps the food there is something more for one of you reading this. You don’t have to take our word for it at all.

Here is the cookie menu. They didn’t have any other menu available with their lunch items.

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