Missing Owners Report: The Burger Stand

The Burger Stand

One of my goals has been to revisit old burger spots that I haven’t been to in years. One of them is The Burger Stand. When I ranked the top 30 burgers back in 2015, I put them at 11th overall. So much time has passed since then it was worth another visit.

They are located at 1757 N Mosley literally at the northwest corner of 17th and Mosley.  The building could easily be missed if you’re not paying attention. While there is some signage, it’s in an area of town you wouldn’t expect a restaurant to be sitting at.

I’ve stopped by in three different occasions over the past month only to find locked doors and bags of free papers hung on their doors every single time. Attempts to call them were also met with disconnected phone line messages. Are they on vacation? Have they closed down? Were they abducted by aliens? Did they replace Agent J and Agent K in Men in Black?

On behalf of the Wichita food community, I’d like to file this missing owners report for The Burger Stand. Any news of their whereabouts would gladly be appreciated.

Happy Dining,

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