My favorite tamale truck, Monica’s Food Truck is back in Wichita!

Last year my favorite tamale truck Monica’s Food Truck decided to move down to Oklahoma. Today, I found out they are back!

But first let’s tell the story of how the news came to be. There I was driving home after golf at Sim Golf Course. As I’m driving, I see a big red food truck turning on to Seneca. I was pretty sure it said, “Monica’s Food Truck” on the back. While all this is happening, I’m talking to my girlfriend on the phone. We agree that since we’ve eaten out a lot this week, the plan was to make dinner at home. I obliged.

I get off the phone with her and have decided to follow the truck. While I’m tailing it, the truck turns left into a neighborhood and I just keep on driving. Curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick U-turn which I hope was legal. I track down the truck and it was backing into their home. I literally just sat there and watched like a super pathetic food blogger.

People catch a lot of slack for stalking Harrison Ford, Kirstie Alley, Ron Baker, whoever and there I was fan-boying over a food truck. Eventually I pulled up to the truck, rolled down my window and asked them, “Are you guys Monica’s Food Truck? The ones that moved down to Oklahoma?”

He said yes so I asked if they are out serving tamales. He said yes to that too. I then asked if he had any tamales left. He said yes to that.

Now I know I agreed to not eat out just minutes before all of this transpired. But 1.) I’ve missed Monica’s Food Truck and 2.) if I had to heat the tamales up at home that constitutes cooking at home by my definition.

I caved in and ordered the tamales. While my food was being packaged, I had a great talk with the people at Monica’s Food Truck. After not liking Oklahoma, they decided to come back to Wichita late last year. They are slowly getting back into the groove of things with the truck. They just had an event on Friday and will be parked at Douglas and West Street for lunch this Saturday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go break the news that I bought food and get over my pathetic life that I was essentially stalking a food truck.

Happy Dining,

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