Time to decide who is Wichita’s Favorite Burger

Years ago, I went to thirty different restaurants and bars around town to decide which burger I felt was best. It spurned a lot of chatter and let’s face it, “food lists” are always fun. Anytime there is a debate of who is best, it always draws a lot of opinions. For my next little “project”, I wanted to put the debate into your hands. Over the course of a handful of weeks, I’m interested to see who everybody thinks is Wichita’s Favorite Burger.

With your help, I compiled a list of places not just limited to Wichita. You’ll find popular stops in such places like Andover, Rose Hill, and Valley Center. After some debate, I kept this list to brick & mortar restaurants so some trucks suggested like The Flying Stove and the recently opened Uno Mas Burger were not in the final list. Perhaps a “Wichita’s Favorite Food Truck” could be next?  Restaurants like NuWay were also omitted as I kept this to traditional burgers. Local Wichita chains that have a national footprint like Freddy’s were also kept out. From there a list was narrowed down to 32 and then seeded based on Facebook traffic, Yelp reviews and general popularity into four different regions. Finally, I titled this Wichita’s Favorite Burger because ultimately that is what this is. By no means does this voting mean, “Best”.

Starting Friday, you will find a poll featuring one restaurant matchup on the Wichita By E.B. Facebook page to vote for your favorite.

Voting starts Friday, may the best burger win.

Happy Dining,

To nominate your restaurant or event to be considered for a review, please email us with your business information. We are always open to suggestions.

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