A new hot dog stand arrives in Wichita: First look at El Doggo Express

The newest mobile stand opened last Friday when El Doggo Express set up for business. They are attached to the American Window Tinting business at 21st & Park Pl. For the foodies out there, they are catercorner from El Pollo Dorado. The new stand sells fried tacos, burgers and hot dogs. According to Urban Dictionary, El Doggo translates to The Dog.

107 W 21st St
Wichita, KS 67203

Wednesday – Sunday: Around lunch time

Cash Only

With a limited menu, I stuck with their specialty, the hot dog combo which included a couple of hot dogs, chips and a drink for $7.50. They also had four tacos for $5 so we went with that as well.

It took maybe around 5-8 minutes for everything. The hot dogs came with mustard, chopped onions and tomatoes and beans. A side of medium salsa was also supplied. They were decent little dogs. The beans added more substance and filled you up after two. Honestly there wasn’t anything too special about the hot dogs. It wasn’t as though they were big plump hot dogs. Just your average run of the mill ones at the grocery store.

As for the tacos, things took a drastic turn for the worse. My friends all had some tacos and all found them to be extremely bland. There was a sliver of ground beef in each taco that was unseasoned and dry. The salsa didn’t do much to save the situation.

If you want to give them a try for yourself, please do. There was a good steady line of customers on our visit so some customers were pleased with the results. For us, it was a thumbs down.

One of the owners said they are open Wednesday through Sunday around lunch time. By that, I would guess 11am to whenever things die down.

Here’s the menu:

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