Churn & Burn offers are delicious drink topped with cheesecake. No, this is not a joke.

Looking to treat your special mother to a delicious and massive dessert?

Churn & Burn has brought back their salted caramel churnandburn top with Junior’s cheesecake and a chocolate wafer straw and then topped again with caramel.

It’s a loaded dessert that was large in size. The picture really doesn’t do it justice but it’s perfect for two people. It runs just south of $10 so it’s one of the more costly desserts but if it’s split between two people, it’s worth it.

If you love their salted caramel, this elevates it to a whole new level. My girlfriend and I mistakenly ordered this and another drink when we should have just split this one particular treat.

This is only available Mother’s Day weekend or until supplies run out so hurry!

Happy Dining,

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