Donuts and tamales for breakfast at one restaurant

We felt like donuts and wanted to stop by a place neither of us have been to in years. Our latest stop brought us to Chicago Donuts. It’s a donut shop at the southeast corner of Harry and Hillside that has been around since 1998.

3233 E Harry St
Wichita, KS 67218

Open Daily: 6am – 12pm


Cash/Card Accepted

To get the best selection, you will want to get there early. All Saints church is right across the street so Sundays can get pretty busy.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they also have tamales. It only made sense that we grabbed donuts AND tamales. They only had a few left in the morning when we arrived so we bought the rest of them along with a half dozen donuts.

Once we arrived home, things didn’t go so well. The tamales had a high masa to pork meat ratio. It was like eating all masa. That same concept transferred over to the donuts as well. The apple bear claw had a small semblance of apple inside. On top of that, the donuts seemed to be very dry as if they had been sitting out too long.

We love donuts and tamales and have no problems eating them together. But to say our visit was a disappointment would be an understatement.

Here’s the pricing:

Happy Dining,

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