First Look at Restaurant Playa Del Carmen (and more dollar tacos for east Wichita)

You may have stepped inside this building at some point in time. It’s been Antojitos Salvadoreno, El Pollo Dorado, Restaurant Nicatropical and most recently Restaurante Delicias Authentic Mexican Food.

The latest restaurant to open inside those doors is Restaurant Playa Del Carmen. They are a Mexican restaurant ran by a handful of some of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet.

2117 E Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67214

Open Daily 8am – 6pm

Cash/Card Accepted

One of the big draws for the new restaurant could be dollar tacos. They are show down the street from Wesley hospital so perhaps that could be a big source of business for them if the word gets out.

They recently just opened and were incredibly happy to see some customers coming in. With some of the ladies, there could be a language barrier but nothing my 20 credit hours of Wichita State Spanish classes couldn’t overcome.

I ordered four asada and tinga tacos along with two gordita tacos with carne con chile rojo and verde. Before everything arrived, complimentary chips and salsa were brought out. The hot had a little too much heat for me and I love anything spicy. The mild provided some good garlic-y flavor. My main issue were the chips though as they were stale.

The tacos came with a single tortilla. They were probably a quarter of an inch smaller than some of the street tacos you find in town but for a dollar, I wasn’t going to complain. The tortillas were slightly fried and had a very light crisp to them. I was told to put a little guacamole and salsa in each taco. Like most guys, I did what I was told 🙂

While very basic, I highly enjoyed them. To be completely honest, it wasn’t as if the chicken was so incredibly tender or the carne asada was seasoned to perfection. But with each bite, I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, “These aren’t half bad, I should have ordered more!”

What I really loved though were the gorditas especially the carne con chile rojo which is the one filled with the red meat in the picture below. Each little meat chunk was soaked in the red chili sauce and had a pop of flavor with each bite; really delicious!

Now this place has historically been cursed. Whether it was location or lack of knowledge or poor food, so many restaurants have closed down. This is just one of many I could see suffering the same fate if it’s not well supported which would be sad. Seriously, the handful of ladies were so nice and always checking up on me individually. They told me they also have breakfast in the morning if I would like an authentic Mexican breakfast. I assured them I’d tell my friends so that means all of you.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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