ForEveRolls takes rolled ice cream on the go with their new popup stand

More popups are starting to appear in town with the unofficial start of summer coming with Memorial Day weekend. Plenty of them can be found at Mercadito Hispano Nomar which is a Hispanic market held at NoMar International Market at the northwest corner of 21st and Broadway. One of the newest ones was ForEveRolls which just started this month; a mobile popup stand that makes rolled ice cream.



Cash/Card Accepted

The first step at ForEveRolls is to decide the flavor you want. They had Oreo, banana and mango.

After that, you had to choose the size you wanted. A small ran $5 while a large was $7. A small included about 2½ rolls while a large was roughly 4-5 rolls. For what its worth, the competition in town charges $6 which is the equivalent of a large at ForEveRolls.

We ordered a couple oreos and a mango roll. Then after that, it was showtime. The big difference with the mobile stand compared to the brick & mortar options was the fact they only had one station to make your ice cream. So if there was a really busy day, the line could get pretty long.

The end result was exactly the same as any other place in town. There was no noticeable difference in quality. The only thing we were curious about was to why there were different amounts of ice cream in both smalls we ordered.

They told me the day I stopped by was their first day of business and they plan on being at NoMar International Market on the weekends in the foreseeable future. Otherwise, be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where else they could be next.

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