Made It Myself Gourmet Shaved Ice Review

It’s shaved ice season. Many trucks and mobile stands will soon be hitting the streets, showing up at food truck events and parked at their usual corners. It’s a family favorite at Wichita By E.B. and we’ve spent many summers over the past years visiting as many as we could. The latest was Made It Myself Gourmet Shaved Ice.


Cash/Card Accepted

According to Made It Myself Gourmet Shaved Ice, they are not your conventional shaved ice vendor. Here’s what they say:

We offer an artist flair for all ages limited only by your imagination. Our “Imagination Flavor Station” allow us to creatively serve 3 to 4 times the number of customers of a standard shaved ice vendor. We even keep attendees cool and satisfied in the most crowded and hot conditions.

We had no idea what to expect on our visit. When we arrived, we saw this table and it dawned on us what they meant by using your imagination.

You order your size which ran $3, $4, and $6.

They handed you your cup of shaved ice.

Then you headed to the flavor station and created your own concoction.

The pro of Made It Myself Shaved Ice could also be a con depending on the person.

The biggest pro was the endless amount of flavor options to choose from. The con was the endless amount of flavor options to choose from. For kids, it took them a long time to decide what to choose. It takes a lot of patience to stand there and wait for the kids to walk in circles deciding what they want and reading bottles and not realizing what tastes like what. One of the benefits of some of the other shaved ice stands was having preset combinations to choose from. But another benefit was, you could decide how much syrup you wanted in your shaved ice. It all depends on how you look at it.

Besides that, it was your typical shaved ice. The ice was a little harder than some of the others around town and didn’t exactly match the snow-like texture and fluffy feel we’ve come to really love at some other places. That didn’t seem to bother any of the other families around that day.

….and that’s Made It Myself Shaved Ice.

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  1. I like the idea of an “Imagination Flavor Station” where you can make all these different flavors. I have wanted to get a shaved ice machine for my house for the summer months and think my kids would love that. I would love to try that and see how it works for us.

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