Mama Nith’s Crawfish: Yes, the pho has greatly improved!

Mama Nith’s Crawfish has been running an $8.99/lb special for crawfish on Wednesdays until the season ends. I’m always down for a good deal so I stopped by to get in on their special but found something else that really caught my attention.

604 S. Topeka
Wichita, KS 67202

Wednesday – Sunday: 3pm – 10pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

When I arrived to order crawfish, I was told the wait was going to be around 10-30 minutes. Something to keep in mind and certainly worth calling in your orders if you’re doing carryout.

I saw a bowl of their crawfish pho and it looked starkly different than my original encounter. Let’s jump back in time to see what it looked like:

Mama Nith's Crawfish

Since it was going to be a while for my crawfish, I decided to go ahead and order a bowl. Take a look at the transformation. Below is an undoctored bowl of how it came served to me. The broth was richer than I remembered; really flavorful too and not a hint of a fishy aftertaste as opposed to the original. There were also more noodles, meat and crawfish in the 2.0 version of their crawfish pho. Bottom line, it was IMMENSELY better.

It’s been a few months since my last visit to Mama Nith’s and wish I still had pictures my close friends and family sent me of their outings. From my circle, the reviews have always been good so I was delighted to get my order of crawfish.

The Mama Nith’s sauce and medium heat level is definitely the way to go. $8.99 was a great price point for a Wednesday special.

Mama Nith's Crawfish

It was a delicious revisit to Mama Nith’s Crawfish and one I’ll have to return to soon for another big group outing.

Here’s the menu and the market prices they had posted to give you an idea of their other seafood offerings:

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