Pig In Pig Out BBQ: A True Local Success Story

When it comes to the discussion of best BBQ in the city, there’s a restaurant you’ll often hear in the debate. That is Pig In Pig Out BBQ. So many years have passed since we last wrote about the popular BBQ joint so here for your reading pleasure, we revisited them to give readers a glance at what to expect.

1003 E 13th St
Wichita, KS 67214

Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

Pig In Pig Out has long been a player in the BBQ game in Wichita. Since 1995, they have achieved what so many small mom and pop operations strive for. They were once in a small little space on south Hydraulic but made the move to where they are now 15 years ago thanks to the support of so many diners confirming a bigger space would bring more customers. How many restaurants start in a little rinky dink spot only to close after a year or two? Pig In Pig Out is a true success story.

They have it all there at PIPO: pulled pork, ham, hot links, chicken, turkey, ribs and more. You can order the 1, 2, or 3 meat dinners, order it individually or in sandwiches. Honestly, there is no wrong option.

I have two personal favorites there and I did not stray away from it on my last visit: the ribs and the turkey. Like all of my previous visits, the ribs had a crusty brown bark with extremely tender meat underneath. It’s not fall off the bone but meat but according to my competitive BBQ friends, “fall off the bone” is not the right way. While they weren’t “fall off the bone” by definition, the meat came off effortlessly away from the bone with each bite revealing a flavorful tender piece of meat with the fat rendered just right and really no need for BBQ sauce.

Then there’s the turkey which was crazy good. It was seasoned well, a little smoky and my favorite turkey offered in any restaurant in town. Sometimes turkey can be tough or chewy at places but that wasn’t the case here. It was incredibly soft but not in a mushy way.

Some of my friends prefer the brisket or the pulled pork but for me it’s ribs and turkey. The hot links were also a big hit. They weren’t too fatty, just meaty with a good kick to it.

The sides were didn’t quite reach the high level of excitement as the BBQ. Nothing really stuck out to us WITH the sole exception being the mac & cheese which was a creamy cheesy goodness to those who gave it a go.

When it comes to BBQ, there’s a reason why Pig In Pig Out is always in the discussion for the best. It’s because they really are one of the best places to go in town.

Here’s the menu:

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  1. Last time i went to pig n pig out, was about 3yrs ago. The co had changed ownership. The ribs were not as good as they had been w previous owners. Brought 2 rib meals for my daughter & myself. She didn’t like her order either. We have not been back. This used to be my favorite bbq place but, no longer is.

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