Smoothies in a pineapple are an eye-catcher at Bongo Fruit Smoothies

If you’ve been to some of the food truck rallies around town, you may have seen people walking around with big pineapples filled with smoothies. That’s because Bongo Fruit Smoothies have finally arrived in Wichita and offers one of the most visually impressive treats you’ll see around the big outdoor events.


Cash/Card Accepted

At Bongo Fruit Smoothies, you have the option of ordering their smoothies in a cup. But for the purpose of this blog we had to go all out with the full size pineapple, right?

The price list was $10 for a smoothie in a pineapple. There were four flavor options that included strawberry, orange, lemon, or mixed berries. The smoothies in a cup were $5. There was also an option for pineapple rings for $3.

If you purchased the pineapple, you could get smoothie refills for $5. There were plenty of people walking around with the pineapples and it caught a lot of eyeballs. Walking down, I saw many people doing double takes at me. For a split second, I thought they were checking me out but reality set in and they were staring at my smoothie.

The smoothies were all sweet, fruity and delicious. The only question you have to ask yourself is if the $10 price tag is worth it for a smoothie or if you want to stick with the cup. While the pineapple was very cool to look it, I think I could have had the same satisfaction from the cheaper $5 cup option especially since I didn’t get any refills on the smoothie. But many others may disagree as they’ve been selling out at many events this year already.

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Here’s the menu:

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2 thoughts on “Smoothies in a pineapple are an eye-catcher at Bongo Fruit Smoothies”

  1. I like that they took something that was basically trash and found a way to upcharge you $5 for it! I’m thinking of opening a scrambled egg food truck and serving them in the shell for an extra $3.

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