Splash! Aqua Park opens Saturday

Well it’s not the greatest weekend to open from a weather perspective but if Mother Nature can give Wichita an assist for once, it could be a fun and entertaining one.

I’ve been looking forward to the new water park opening for quite some time. There’s been naysayers against it due to being on the south side of Wichita but I think it’s a great get for that side of town if ran properly.

The water park which is essentially a huge obstacle course opens Saturday. It’s probably best compared to the show “Wipeout”. It’s located at 860 W Steeple Bay Parkway, right off of I-235 and Seneca. The park opens Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

According to their website, prices are $15 for a one hour pass, $25 for a 2-hour pass and $50 for a 5-hour punch-pass. That’s on par with what you’ll find at many of the trampoline parks so it’s not cringe-worthy by any means.

The website has rules listed and here’s the basic ones that really stuck out. There were a bunch more but I know many people don’t even read waiver forms so I won’t bore you here either.

  • It is mandatory all patrons be 5 years of age or older as well as be able to navigate the obstacles under their own physical power.
  • It is mandatory for all patrons to wear a Splash provided life vest at all times. Please ensure your vest fits securely and remains on while in the water.
  • Never swim underneath any of the obstacles.

I’ll be checking it out soon and look forward to getting a full review with family of what people can expect. Here’s the park map:

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