Suga Mama’s Soul Food Kitchen Review


Suga Mama's Soul Food Kitchen

After a few trial runs last year, Suga Moma’s Soul Food Kitchen hopes to be a regular in the food truck scene this year. They’ve started popping up at the rallies around town. As the name implies, they will serve soul food favorites that they’ve created themselves and hopes diners around town can fall in love with.



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Honestly, I was really looking forward to this truck and put it towards the top of my list on new ones to visit. They were at a southside food truck event recently so we stopped by to check them out.

On our visit, they were limited to just part of the menu so we went with their BBQ plate dinner which included pork and ribs. We also ordered their chicken & waffles which came highly recommended by them.

While my girlfriend didn’t particularly care for the mac & cheese but her son had zero issue scarfing it down in what looked like second. Everybody loved the chicken. There was a nice golden crisp to it with juicy tender chicken underneath. The waffles appeared to be made with a funnel cake batter which was delicious with the powdered sugar over the top. Her son can be pretty hard to please if it’s not Slim Chickens, Panda Express or McDonald’s. So to score a happy young customer was a huge win for us as I slowly try to introduce him to new places.

My meal was the BBQ plate. The greens were solid but the star of the show as it should be was the BBQ. I had a half order of pork and ribs with pieces of hot links mixed in. If I had a zingy catchphrase to describe my glee, I’d use it here. The sauce had a tangy tasty kick to it that I absolutely adored. I found myself nearly licking the styrofoam container. The whole meal itself was so meaty, so juicy, so tender, again that smoky flavor with the sauce.

It was a rather phenomenal visit to the new food truck for us and one we’d highly recommend. You can find them at random events around town. Just be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Here’s the menu:

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