The Easy Egg Breakfast & Lunch Review

Often times, I receive recommendations on places to try outside of Wichita. I’m open to anything and will listen to any suggestion. So one recently came through on The Easy Egg Breakfast & Lunch. As the name implies, it’s a breakfast and lunch spot located in Haysville. The reader sent some pictures of crepes that looked amazing. I’ve had crepes around town and have enjoyed them thoroughly. So why not give this Haysville restaurant a go?

240 N Main STE 300
Haysville, Kansas 67060

Open Daily: 6am – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

We made the drive out and knew instantly what we would order. We wanted to go with some dessert crepes for breakfast. They had strawberry crepes available as well as banana crepes.

They didn’t take long to arrive. When our waiter brought them out, she mentioned we could get additional strawberry compote if we wanted.

I hate to say this but after the first few bites, we knew off the bat we weren’t fans. The crepes were missing that light and airy factor that we’ve come to grow in love with. It could have been their style but the edges were crispy as if they had been cooked a little long and the texture was more akin to a pancake than a crepe. There was a thickness to them that made them appear and feel dry. A fork should be able to cut into a crepe easily and that wasn’t the case here. We needed syrup and more compote to give them a little kick in the flavor department. We didn’t finish half of our banana crepes, we were stuffed as if we had just eaten one large pancake. On the bright side, the strawberry compote was great but that wasn’t enough to save the situation.

As for service, they were a little slow tabbing people out. Every now and then, lines would form just to pay. Our server was also pretty forgetful on things we would need; her head wasn’t in the game that morning.

We wish them the best of luck but from our perspective, it wasn’t that impressive of a visit.

Here’s the menu:

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