Up your bingo game with electronic bingo at Bingo Casino!

Bingo Casino

If you’ve been following Wichita By E.B. for a while, you know I’m a man of many tastes other than food. I enjoy boardgames, alcohol, videogames, technology, poker, playing sports, watching sports, and then there’s bingo.

Yes. If you missed it, there was a bingo blog I wrote a while back. There’s something about bingo I enjoy listening to numbers get called off, getting super close to a bingo only to be let down when my final number isn’t called. I enjoy the hope and the misery.

The main place my friends and family will bingo at is Bingo Casino. They have two locations where bingo is offered seven days a week at 540 N West St. and 2431 E Mt. Vernon.

Recently they’ve added ELECTRONIC BINGO!! They’ve added technology to an old school game.

Basically you get a tablet with bingo cards on there and it automatically marks all the numbers off for you, let’s you know how many numbers needed to win, how many numbers have been called, the prize pool………… everything!

OK, I know. Some of you are probably asking now, “Why even play bingo? Isn’t the fun of it marking off the numbers yourself?”

Yes. Yes it is. Here’s the catch. The tablet is considered an add-on. You must purchase the actual paper sheets to play bingo on first. Once you pay for your sheets, you are then allowed to use the tablet to purchase more electronic cards to play with hands free. Basically Bingo Casino is giving gambling addicts like myself the ability to play more bingo cards without having to deal with marking it myself. I usually play a 9-on set and have tried 12 cards and 18 cards and it becomes a lot. So just playing a 9-on set and then having the tablet play 9 electronic cards for me just doubles my hope and eventual misery.

Bingo Casino
This is a 9-on set (9 bingo cards)

As mentioned in the previous blog. The cost is relatively cheap to play as well. If you just want to play the regular games a sheet of bingo cards costs $9 for a 9-on. The sheet will cover 8 different games for the evening. If you don’t have a bingo dauber, those run around $1.25 and up. And yes…. it’s smoke free.

As a reminder, the regular sessions usually end around 10pm.

You will want to follow Bingo Casino on Facebook to learn more and stay up to date on the jackpots.

….and lastly if you do go, please silence your cell phones.

Good Luck,

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