Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae is like a misleading Match.com picture

Meet Wendy’s new limited-time dessert item.

It’s the Frosty Cookie Sundae. The fast food chain has turned their signature frosty into a sundae. For $1.99 (in Wichita as prices may vary around the country), you get your choice of vanilla or chocolate frosty topped with chocolate chunk cookie bites and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. It rings up at 390 calories but that wouldn’t stop me from trying.

The pictures made it look very tempting.

We decided to give it as $1.99 was a fair asking price. We ordered three of them. They only had enough chocolate chunk cookie bites for one and a half sundaes and had to substitute their chocolate cookies in the other.

What we received looked NOTHING like the picture shown in the ads. It’s one thing to look a little different but our order was a completely melted mess within three minutes of receiving them. We brought it up with the manager to give them a heads up perhaps their machines were messed up. They told us to come back in the next day which we did.

The next day came. Our hopes were high which we should have known better. The chunks were tiny and not even flowing over the edge as in the ad. Our second order was like a milkshake. The kids didn’t mind but if you gave them a half-eaten nearly melted Blizzard from DQ, they would probably like that too.

After two tries, we gave up. This was a huge big disaster with two wasted trips.

From what I’ve heard from my buddies of course, it’s like Tinder. You see this great beautiful picture, swipe right and when you finally meet in public, you say, “WTF?”.

Happy Dining,

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