Checking out the dollar Taco Tuesday special at El Patio Cafe

Tuesdays call for cheap eats. Thankfully there are places like El Patio Cafe that have great specials like tacos for a buck. They are just one of many places that offer this special so I stopped by to check it out and see how it compared to the others in town.

424 E Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

I’ve been to El Patio Cafe multiple times and have loved every visit. I was hoping this one would be no different. Complimentary chips and salsa were given to every customer inside. I really love the salsas here. While they are a little on the runny side, it’s still manageable enough to scoop with chips. The mild is very mild and I don’t find the spicy to provide that much heat but my palate could be much different than yours. The salsas are very basic yet flavorful. It’s what I call a very good chips and salsa type of salsa if you catch my drift; good blend of onions, garlic, etc.

El Patio

They had their corn street tacos for a dollar and their flour options for $1.50.

I ordered a variety of different options with a corn tortilla. Needless to say I was largely unimpressed. Even more so given my past positive experiences at El Patio Cafe.

The tacos had a very dense taste to them. Perhaps it was the quality of the tortillas but each bite felt very chewy and left my mouth dry. It didn’t help matters much I didn’t get a single refill until I was done with my food; very bad off day for the service that afternoon. The meat options were all average at best with the al pastor being the best. The asada was fairly tough and chewy which didn’t go well with the tortillas.

Overall not a good visit especially compared to all my past stops there. Given their good track record before, I would not stop going to El Patio Cafe. But I probably wouldn’t get their dollar tacos either. There are just too many better options around town for that deal.

Here’s the menu:

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