First Look at The Barbe-Q-Pit

A new barbecue restaurant opened up this week. The Barbe-Q-Pit took over the former Jezebel’s building on 47th St South and completely renovated the interior to make it their own. I stopped by with friends to check out the inside and get a little taste of what you can expect on your first visit.

4520 E. 47th. St. South
Wichita, KS 67210

Monday – Thursday: 10:30am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 10:30am – 10pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 2:30pm


Cash/Credit Card Accepted

I snapped a couple pictures of the interior. There’s a ton of seating inside and a fully stocked bar area. They did a great job of cleaning it up. What’s funny was you could look around and see other guys talk and point of what used to be where in the former business.

Currently The Barbe-Q-Pit is just serving a barbecue buffet for $14.99. They have plans to begin menu service for dinner in about a week.

In the meantime, here’s the buffet line list:

The buffet line is not self-service. They have employees serving you the food as you walk down and point at what you want. It can run a little slow but at the same time offers portion control, eliminates food waste and prevents people from getting their germs everywhere. There’s definitely pros and cons to how its done but personally I didn’t mind it at all.

As for the food itself, we were told they ran out of some items so what they had on the buffet line weren’t their actual stuff. I’m not sure if that meant they ran by a butcher shop or grocery store to fill things up but I guess things like their hot links wasn’t from The Barbe-Q-Pit.

Knowing this, it kind of threw the entire review for a loop as now we weren’t sure if it was a true representation of their food.

Here’s what we do know. There were lots of mixed reactions on the food. Some things like the ribs were good; good smokey flavor to them that came off the bone fairly easily with a little tug. They had regular potato salad and loaded potato salad which some people loved. One of my friends went back and had a different serving of it and found his to be very salty so the consistency wasn’t there. The roasted chicken we found to be on the dry side. We had the last batch of brisket that was floating at the bottom of the buffet station so it probably wasn’t fair to gauge how good that was. They only had one style of BBQ sauce which was VERY tangy and didn’t resonate too well with us. We prefer something a little more rich and smokey but if you love a tangy sauce, feel free to give theirs a try.

One side that everybody really loved was the mac and cheese. I lost count of how many bowls of that we went through. It was like a lapdance for your taste buds!

We were told they had a big lunch crowd so ran out of a lot of items including dessert so we weren’t able to try that.

If you compare it to the standard of BBQ buffets set in town by B&C, our experience didn’t match it. Then if you add in the price comparison of B&C’s $12.95 versus The Barbe-Q-Pit’s price of $14.99, it doesn’t make matters much better.

I’ll say the service was great. Everybody on the staff tried their hardest and wanted to make sure everybody was well taken care of.

The Barbe-Q-Pit JUST opened up this week so and it didn’t appear they were hitting on all cylinders yet. Their webpage and Facebook don’t even have their menu, hours or address up so it all is still a work in progress. Given how everything went, the six of us agreed it probably wasn’t a true representation of the quality they hope to put out.

This is one of those restaurants where we should have waited a bit but are open to returning and trying out their dinner menu when that is available.

Happy Dining,

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  1. The review wasn’t great, and the pictures make it even worse! Make note, lunch is now at 10:30am if you want their “good” bbq. I don’t see this place lasting. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

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