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Ty’s Diner

Ty's Diner


David and Kristin Hale

David was born in California and raised in Arizona and Kansas for the most part, I was born in Kansas and has lived here my whole life besides 10 short months in Oklahoma. We have both been in the food industry since our teens, we actually met working together at The Beacon restaurant downtown. We have been married for almost 14 years and have 4 children together. You’ll find our oldest son bussing tables on the weekends with his best friend doing dishes. We are firm believers in rolling up your sleeves and getting hard work done, we hope to instill this same quality in our children. Our dream would be for one of our children one day to take over the diner. I often joke with our customers that that is why we had four children, it raised the odds of having one that would want to take over when we’re older! When we are not at the diner we enjoy being in the outdoors. We love to hike and camp around Kansas and Colorado.

David and Kristin on the right, longtime employee Brad on the left

Ty’s first opened its doors in 1953, the original owners were Jo and Kenny Tyson.

We are a lunch only establishment, serving up some of the best hamburgers in Wichita. We are only open 3.5 hours a day, 17.5 hours a week. Ty’s has been through 7 owners (including us) in it’s 66 years, and we try to keep things as original as possible. There have been some variations over the years (breakfast hours, dinner hours) but we have found that the lunch crowd is pretty faithful and that is where our best business is, so we stick to that.

David and I actually started working at Ty’s in 2008 (I waited tables and he cooked, just like it is today) for Richard Diamond. He sold the diner to a couple from California who worked very hard to fix up the diner (new roof, new air conditioners, new carpet, some new booths, other smaller repairs) but ultimately decided diner life wasn’t for them and we knew it would be a dream for us (especially since they worked so hard to fix it up!). We worked out the nitty gritty and bought the diner on July 1, 2012. We have added our own style into the diner, painting the outside cleaning up the inside as much as possible without taking away from the diner feel of the place. We really enjoy owning and working at the diner every day. My brother Brad has been with us since the day we bought the place and really helps us run it and keep things under control when we can’t be there.


Ty's Diner

Ty's Diner

Ty's Diner

Ty's Diner

Our most popular menu items are of course our cheeseburgers (the bacon cheeseburger is our most popular variation, along with the Ultimate and the Man Up), and our breaded fresh to order Pork Tenders. We get our Pork Tenders fresh two days a week and they sell out fast, they are a definite must try if you haven’t had one

(316) 263-1416
928 W. 2nd St., Wichita, KS, 67203
FB: @TysDiner

Ultimate cheeseburger with a grill full of goodness in the background
A classic burger and root beer
A bun less option and a jalapeno cheeseburger

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  1. Kristen didn’t mention that they also have the best Philly Cheesesteak, (Philadelphia included) I’ve ever enjoyed. Don’t miss out.

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