Love that chicken from Popeye’s

When it comes to fast food chain fried chicken, I’m 100% a Popeye’s guy. It’s a stop I make at least once a month. Their jingle “Love that chicken from Popeye’s” rings true to my heart.

I’ve had Church’s and KFC but the Louisiana-style chicken found at Popeye’s blows them all away. This isn’t an ad but a blog from a long-time loyal customer. Back to even college, my friends and I would reserve one day a week to eat at Popeye’s.

If you’ve never gone before, I urge you all to try it out at least once. You can order their chicken mild or spicy. I have found the spicy to be a million times better. The fried chicken is buttery, a little salty, a crisp skin with juicy chicken underneath. Be aware though that with the crispier skin, that also equates to more breading and sometimes less chicken than a KFC. But what you get in return is a more flavorful experience.

And any visit to a fast food fried chicken joint deserves some good sides. KFC and Church’s are more on the bland side and boring. Popeye’s has two sides that shine brightly. I can never decide between one side so I always get two: mashed potatoes and cajun gravy along with the red beans & rice. Neither are all that spicy but totally different than the bland, boring sides you get at the competitors.

And if you have a room…. biscuits. Grab some packets of honey, drizzle it over and it completes you.

For locations, I actually prefer the 13th and Hillside location. The staff there is all around nice and seem to really enjoy what they do.

As an added bonus, if you’re a Shocker season ticket holder, there’s always coupons on the back of those tickets. Now I just need my season tickets to arrive in the mail.

Happy Dining,

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