Our whole experience with Wesley Medical Center (including the food)

I finally did it! I’m a dad. It’s been a near year long journey that’s been truly amazing. You hear the cliche all the time about “miracle of life”. When you take into account all months with all the visits, hearing all the things that could happen, all the tests, the worries, and the day it all happens, bringing life into this world is really the ultimate miracle.

And that miracle wouldn’t be possible without all the support from everyone who made it possible from Dr. Carl Christman and his staff to all the doctors and nurses at Wesley Medical Center.

From all the monthly visits with Dr. Christman and his nurses to even the hospital tour we took with Wesley’s Maternity Navigator, Morgan Tracy, I can’t thank them enough for making this scary yet exciting journey as pain free as possible. And even preparing me to make sure I didn’t pass out by making sure I ate properly before delivery.

I’ll always remember sitting there behind the curtain and having the nurse anesthetist talk us through everything that was happening and calming us down. I will vividly remember hearing that baby cry and tears shoot out from the left and right side of my eyes….. I suppose allergies are REALLY bad at the hospital.

The next few days at the hospital was not void of pain on the part of mom but the nurses did everything they could to make it as palpable as possible. I also had some pain sleeping on the most uncomfortable couches known to man but my pain wasn’t a focal point for the nurses. It was like a Jackson 5 concert, and mom was Michael and I was Tito but that was OK with me. Nurses like Lily and Tracy really stuck out (only because I couldn’t remember every nurse’s name) and made our stay great. I have a lot of nurses in my family and kind of take what they do for granted. But when you’re sitting in that room and having them tend to your girlfriend and baby, it changes your outlook on everything. They really are the unsung heroes in the medical field.

Literally everybody involved with the process of this miracle from day one to baby Emery’s birthday was amazing and deserve much more applause than this simple blog.

But then there’s the food. The best thing someone told me about the cafeteria food was “it’s not that bad”. From a presentation aspect, the food looked sad. Some other items were brought up like chicken fried steak and some sandwiches, but let’s not kid ourselves here…… the food was below par. Only one thing stuck out and that was the supreme pizza ordered late at night. It reminded us of the Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas they would serve in high school. Other than that, much of the food was on the bland side. We were left to order out food or walk over to Walgreen’s or Spangles for snacks.

I do want to add though, the people who worked in the cafeteria and all the ones who brought food up….. very professional and courteous at all times.

All food aside, our stay at Wesley was as great as the staff could make it. They were all accommodating, extremely helpful and always pleasant even when I had a ton of stupid questions which I’m sure they get all the time.

To everyone I did and didn’t name who helped us get to this point, Thank You. I now get to go home and stare at her for hours on end. Seriously, at what age is it creepy to watch her sleep? This beautiful princess of mine is someone I get so much joy out of watching.

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  1. Hey, congratulations! The birth of a baby really is an amazing experience.

    Interestingly enough, Wesley’s Philly is as good or better than about anywhere else in town. The meat they use is flavored well and great cheese. We live up the street from there and have from time to time gone in just to eat one.

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