Thai Riffic Food Truck Review

When it comes to food trucks, there aren’t too many options when it comes to Asian foods whether it’s Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc. Fortunately there has been a good track record for the ones that have been open.

Last year, Thai Riffic Food Truck arrived in Derby, KS. It’s been a truck I’ve been meaning to go to for quite some time. This weekend, I finally made it out and you can now get a visual taste of what to expect on your visit to the food truck that serves one of my favorite types of food.



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As the name implies, Thai Riffic Food Truck specializes in Thai dishes. They have an assortment of different menu items that look to rotate or appear every now and then. On my visit, there were three main courses available.

We went with the basil chicken stir fry and the pad thai with chicken and shrimp. For safe measure, we added some eggrolls in the order just so we had something to eat for the drive home.

It was all cooked fresh and was done in no time. I was glad to see it being made on site instead of stored in containers and served as is.

Everything was delicious and served in big portions. The basil chicken stir fry was hands down my favorite of everything we had ordered. It was ordered at a medium spicy level and they delivered perfectly. It had a nice bit of heat to it, nice chunks of chicken and variety of different vegetables all over a bed of rice. The sauce wasn’t too salty or heavy on the meal; each bite ended with a really light flavorful aftertaste that kept you coming back for more.

My girlfriend enjoyed the pad Thai. She’s pretty new to the Thai food scene and she was impressed with what she had. As for the eggrolls, they made them just how I like it. The thin eggrolls often found at Vietnamese and Thai restaurants or at my mother’s house was replicated at Thai Riffic.

Pad Thai
Basil Chicken Stir Fry

Thai Riffic can be found most of the time in Derby, KS. It was well worth the drive and one I envision myself doing again to sample other menu items they have. Big thumbs up over here.

Here’s the menu:

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