The Barbe-Q-Pit to open Monday morning

Courtesy picture from Facebook

There’s a new restaurant opening up Monday, June 17. The Barbe-Q-Pit will open their doors at 10:30am.

They are located in the former Jezebel’s nightclub at 4520 E 47th St South that closed down. They have completed gutted and transformed the building to make it their own. It’s been described as an upscale barbecue restaurant.

They also have a website up but no menu has been posted as of this writing. If I can get a hold of the menu, I’ll be sure to update this blog.

I’m sure there will be some criticism from folks who refuse to go because of the location or the type of business that used to reside there. From the looks of the pictures, it looks very nice inside. If you still have concerns, feel free to wait for the follow-up review because I do plan on stopping by soon and can check on the cleanliness and interior. As for what used to be there, I could care less. I’m open to giving them an honest shot and if the food is good, that’s all that matters to me but that also won’t stop me from tipping with dollar bills for smiles.

Stay tuned for the first look.

Happy Dining,

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